23 November 2010

Will - Documents living beyond you

Wills are unique. These documents only come alive when the maker of the Will has passed away. Hence these documents lives beyond you.

Whatever drafted on the Will has to be accurate. Once the maker of the Will has passed away, the Executor of the Will would have to decipher what the maker wishes. So, the Will has to be drafted in clear and understandable language. Any ambiguity may lead to unwanted consequences (for example; an ambiguous clause may be declared too vague, and the asset which you wish to donate to a specific beneficiary may not end up with that beneficiary after all).

It is strongly advised that you engage a Solicitor to draft a Will. Inform the Solicitor of all your tangible assets. Inform the Solicitor which asset shall go to who, upon your demise. Be clear with the Solicitor.

It is perhaps best not to have an asset divided to too many people (for example Landed properties should not be divided to too many people). One must also consider if the one asset is divided to too many people, when this beneficiary themselves pass away (and if they pass away without a Will) then your legacy would be in conflict and sometimes in chaos.

In some Wills, the maker gives a House to 5 children. When the maker dies, all 5 Children will be registered as co-owner. But when one of the child themselves passes away AND pass away without a Will; that is where your legacy faces problems. The 3rd generation will face much issues.

Anyway, this is merely an example. Be sure you think beyond the coming generation when deciding who benefits from your Will. It would be beneficial if you ponder of the 3rd generation too.

17 November 2010

Bar Council 2011 election

Our very own Richard Wee has offered himself as a Candidate for a place at the Bar Council, next term. The firm wishes him the best of luck; and hope the members will consider his candidacy.

Please see the link below, to the Malaysian Bar Website; where Richard's nomination can be found. 

RWY supports Richard's effort to be elected. 

02 November 2010

RWY welcomes Sarah Kambali

Another talent joins RWY. Sarah was a pupil of Richard Wee back in 2007, and her return is somewhat of a reunion with Richard.

RWY welcomes Sarah, who will be supporting & assisting the partners in matters of Conveyancing & Contracts.

With Sarah in RWY, we now have a pool of 4 lawyers and a Para-Legal to call upon, over and above our support staffs.

Welcome aboard, Sarah!

01 November 2010

RWY in the news : Court rules in favour of SIS

KUALA LUMPUR: SIS Forum (Malaysia) can use Sisters In Islam as its name and identity.

The Malaysian Assembly of Mos que Youth (Pemuda Masjid) failed in its bid yesterday to prevent SIS Forum (Malaysia) from using Sisters In Islam.

High Court judge Justice Zabariah Mohd Yusof allowed an application by SIS Forum to strike out the suit against them after meeting the parties in chambers at the court complex here yesterday.

Lawyer Richard Wee, who represented SIS Forum, told reporters that the judge agreed to strike out the suit as she ruled that Pemuda Masjid had insufficient locus standi to act against them.

“If the applicant (Pemuda Masjid) had any problems with SIS Forum, they should take it up with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM).

“The judge agreed with this and ruled in our favour,” Wee said.

SIS Forum was also represented by counsel Malik Imtiaz Sarwar and Azhar Harun while lawyers Mohd Ibrahim Mohd and Anas Fauzi acted for Pemuda Masjid.

On June 16, SIS Forum filed an application to strike out the suit.

On March 22, Pemuda Masjid – a non-governmental organisation with 5,000 members – filed an originating summons seeking a declaration that the valid name for the organisation under the law was not Sisters In Islam and wanted to prevent the organisation from using the name.

In an affidavit filed in support of the application, its executive director Mohd Taqiuddin Abdullah said a check with the SSM revealed that the respondent was registered under the name of SIS Forum (Malaysia) and not Sisters In Islam.

The use of the word Islam was controlled and limited by the Registrar of Companies and could only be used upon getting permission from the SSM and related government agencies, he added.