02 September 2013

My experience as an Intern at RWY - April Tay

It was my 3 months break and I decided to do something with it rather than lazing around and turn into a couch potato. So, without any expectation, I sent in my resume to RWY (a firm introduced by a close friend from my hometown, Melaka) and hoped for the best.

When I received the news that I was accepted as their attachment student, I was overjoyed. (Too bad I was in the bus when I received the news. I would have screamed and jump about like a mad bunny). Why the hype? Well, to know that your bosses are the co-founders of Safer Malaysia and I will have the privilege to work with them, it is an honour.

Before I even started my one month of attachment, I was given the opportunity to follow the associates (Ezhan and Sarah) for a two days trial in Seremban Court. During my one month of attachment here, I learned how to transcribe, to draft affidavits, to do all the basic comb bindings, and the classic Photostatting. The types of trials I attended in this one month range from simple contract cases, family cases and complicated corporate cases. I even have the opportunity to witness a new precedent being set by one of RWY’s very own associate.

The experience I gained from this short period is so overwhelming that I myself, until today, cannot believe that it is even achievable. I even have the opportunity to work along side with Penny, Kak Sal and Aunty Wee. They taught me how to file litigation files and they are so very patient with my ever hyper aura. They taught me how to do banking, posting and how to be a really thorough receptionist!

Apart from that, I even have the opportunity to sit in while a client consulted Mr Richard on a particular case. I admire how the associates here handle their clients; with integrity, honesty and punctuality. This firm holds true to their motto; Bridging Gaps; bridging the gaps between the public and the law and bridging the law and the community with Safer Malaysia.

To my two masters (Mr Richard and Mr Yip), I am truly grateful for this opportunity and I will never forget the experience I had in RWY. I really appreciate how Mr Richard, with his ever packed busy schedule, managed to guide me on the Law of Trust.

I wished I could have more time in this firm but nevertheless, whatever I managed to grasp while working here, will forever be imprinted in me. Thank you once again for this opportunity. Even though I am physically not working in the firm, but I still have the opportunity to continue working with Safer Malaysia; something which I believe in strongly, even before I met Mr Richard and Mr Yip and the firm. To know that I am able to help, though not much, in Safer Malaysia, affirms me that I am doing my part in contributing to a safer environment in the near future for Malaysia. 

By April Tay 
September 2013