28 October 2015

KLIAW : Welcoming Remarks by Richard Wee at the Sports Arbitration Conference by KLRCA (May 2015)

Back in May 2015, we had the opportunity to Chair the Organising Committee of the KLRCA's International Arbitration Week. This is Richard's Welcoming Speech as Chairman. 

01 October 2015

RWY Sports Law Conference 2015 - Raise The Game

We at RWY wish to share with you a short video about our upcoming RWY Sports Law Conference 2015.

Our thoughts about the past Conferences, our plans for the 2015 Conference & our ambitions on Sports Law in Malaysia, all captured in this short film.

We are excited to host and organise this conference again, and invite all of you to attend. The Guest of Honour is Tunku Imran, President of OCM, who will present a keynote address.  

Relevant information for you :-

Date : 3rd December 2015
Day : Thursday 
Time : 9am till 5pm
Location : Main Auditorium of the Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre of Arbitration, Bangunan Sulaiman, KL