10 October 2014

RWY Sports Law Conference 2014

After the successful RWY Sports Law Conference of 2013; Richard Wee & Yip will again host the 2nd Instalment of the RWY Sports Law Conference. 

Location & Date :-

This year's Conference will be held on 4th December 2014, at the spanking new Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre of Arbitration's (KLRCA) Building at Bangunan Sulaiman at Kuala Lumpur. Slated to start at 9.30am, the 2014 chapter will be an all-day Conference, unlike the 2013 one which was only a half-day event. 

Speakers :-

The key-note speaker is Everton Football Club's Head of Legal Services, Chris Anderson. Issues related to financial fair play & transfer dealings would probably be discussed. Everton FC is a leading club in the English Premier League and their presence at RWY Sports Law Conference 2014 is hugely welcomed. 

Court of Appeal Judge, JCA Dato Mah Weng Kwai has also kindly agreed to speak in the session related to Dispute Resolution in Sports. His Lordship's outlook of this area of Law, from a Judicial point of view would be invaluable for the delegates the Conference.

From the Bar, a few Malaysian Lawyers will take the podium to present their thoughts. Isa Aziz Ibrahim, Foong Cheng Leong & Siti Sharom will be delivering their respective views on Dispute Resolution, Intellectual Property & Sports; and Tax Law & Sports. All 3 lawyers have experience in their respective areas and the delegates can expect to learn a thing or two from them. 

From Australia, Paul Hayes of 39 Essex has kindly agreed to fly over and join us at the Conference. He will join JCA Dato Mah and Isa Aziz Ibrahim as a panel speaker with regards to Dispute Resolution. Paul's Australian perspective of Sports Law will be interesting, especially since Australian Sports Law is very developed. 

Other than lawyers, the Conference also features Football Association of Malaysia's (FAM) Deputy Secretary General, Lazarus Xavier and TV Presenter (& current FOX Sports Anchorman) Ben Ibrahim. They will share their views about Sports Contract. Expect a debate on this topic as the discussion relates to finding the balance between the rights of Athletes and the commercial interests of Sports Associations and/or Sponsors.  

Sponsors :-

Lexis Nexis is the corporate sponsor, while Messrs Richard Wee & Yip remains the principle sponsor, organiser and host for this Conference.  

Contact Person:-

Do contact Lesley Lim at lesley@rwy.com.my for further information. 

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