30 May 2014

My Internship Experience at RWY - Adrian Khin

Like all third year law students in Multimedia University (Melaka Campus), I was given a chance to do my legal attachment in a legal firm. I had chosen to attach in RWY legal firm and went through an interview by the partners, Mr Richard and Mr Yip. From there, I was accepted to attach there. I was really grateful with such golden opportunity.

On the first day itself, I was given a task to help on research on Limitation Law in Malaysia for a book to be written by RWY. I was honored to be included in this project. From there, I was guided by  the clerks on administrative matter. Even the simplest matter like photocopy and sending out mails is important in order for a legal firm to operate smoothly. At first, it was labyrinthine as I was a callow undergraduate. But day by day, together with the help and guidance of the staff, I was well learned on it.
In addition to that, I was brought to the Shah Alam and Kuala Lumpur courts several times to view or watch how cases are being handled in court. I was very lucky that there was several big cases on going at that time and managed to see the partners submit to the court. I even got the chance to see a full trial and learn a few advocacy skills in which to be appreciated in the future when I practice as a lawyer. From here, I learned a lot on civil procedures in Malaysia and that would be a great advantage for me during my final academic year in the law school.
The best part of attaching in RWY is that I was treated as a lawyer instead of just a student. In this sense, I was always invited by the discussion team in several cases in order to brainstorm together to solve cases. From here, I learnt how the lawyers drew timelines, charts, etc to organize their case in order to make things easier to handle. I was also guided through step by step by the lawyers, whenever there is a new case that I have joined in. If there is anything that I was not sure or do not know, the lawyers are always there to guide me through without any hesitation.
Not forgetting, the people in RWY are very helpful and cooperative. Whenever I ask for guidance or help in certain matters, the lawyers will try their best to help me for my better understanding. Plus, the guidance and teaching given by the lawyers to me was never thought in the usual class and lectures in the law school.
In conclusion, it was really a fruitful 3 months attaching in RWY as I have learnt a lot. I was never rueful in choosing and to be accepted to attach in RWY. It was an unforgettable experience to be treasured. 

Adrian Khin