24 September 2015

Meditation Training

Our HW Yip recently assisted the Bar, conducting training on Mediation at the Judicial & Legal Training Institute of Malaysia (ILKAP) at Bangi.

Mediation is a form of Dispute Resolution and HW Yip is a qualified Mediator of the Malaysian Bar's Malaysian Mediation Centre (MMC) and Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC). Mediation is known to be quick and cost-effective to help disputing parties to resolve issues. It is usually a pre-trial process and is popular in Australia, Singapore & New Zealand. 

23 September 2015

Dispute Resolution in Sports @THAC

Our Richard Wee was recently invited to speak at the Thai Arbitration Centre (THAC) at their inaugural Sports Law Seminar on Dispute resolutions in Sports. About 39 Delegates signed up to attend and the bi-lingual Seminar was well received. 

Mr Vira Kommee, an experience Attorney based in Bangkok, and advisor to the Thai Football Association, was a fellow speaker at the Seminar. 

We look forward to a long relationship with THAC as we assist THAC to develop Sports Dispute Resolution. 

16 September 2015

RWY Sports Law Conference 2014 : Flashback

The RWY Sports Law Conference grew from a half day event in 2013 to a full day Conference in 2014. With Everton Football Club of UK sending their Head of Legal to speak and a few other international and Malaysian speakers, the 2014 Conference was a cosmopolitan edition of the conference. Here's a flashback of the 2014 edition. 

11 September 2015

RWY Sports Law Conference 2015 || RAISE THE GAME

RWY will be hosting our 3rd edition of the RWY Sports Law Conference 2015. Amongst the invited speakers are leaders from the Olympic Council of Malaysia, Sports arbitrators and Legal Directors of international Sports Associations. 

Relevant information :-

Date : 3rd December 2015
Time : 830am to 5pm
Location : Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre of Arbitration @Bangunan Sulaiman, Kuala Lumpur (opposite Majestic Hotel/KTM Headquarters)

We invite all of you to attend, but do register to reserve your seats. In 2013, over 75 delegates registered and in 2014, more than 120 delegates attended the 2nd edition of the Conference. As places are limited, we invite you to register as early as you can. 

Do contact Ms Lesley Lim at lesley@rwy.com.my or call us at 03-77273800. 

More information will be released from time to time. 

See you in December!