16 August 2014

My Internship experience at RWY - Jackie

My internship experience at RWY

It was my semester break again and this time I decided to do something productive about it since I have plans to study abroad for my final year in the upcoming months.  I immediately went on a search on law firms around my housing area, and with the help of Google, I stumbled upon RWY, a cosy and decent law firm situated not far from my house. After reading up on their website and legal background I’ve decided to send in my resume. Soon after, I was accepted to begin my internship there after an interview with the partners, Mr Yip and Mr Richard, who turned out to be less intimidating than I thought it would be.

During my one month of internship here, my learning experience include transcribing minutes and cases, drafting legalized letters, attending clients’ AGM as a representative lawyer, witnessing Mr Richard and Sarah deliver a speech and the idea of Safer Malaysia to college students, and not to mention day-to-day office work such as basic comb bindings, photostatting documents and paper shredding. Although it may seem insignificant, but without a doubt it is essential to keep the firm organised and running smooth.

Like any other interns, I too had the privilege to tag along with the partners to attend several court hearings and at least one trial which turned out to be extremely valuable as it goes out to show that how much work and preparation has to be done before a lawyer can confidently take on the trial stage in court.  These experiences have taught me more than what I could learn from a class lecture. Apart from that, I am also honoured to be given the opportunity to contribute a Wikipedia page on behalf of the firm!

My one month experience at RWY was definitely priceless. Besides the reasons mentioned above, I was also always blessed with neverending amount of food from the firm! RWY does knows how to treat their staffs in the most appreciative manner = food. I have proudly ended my internship with pride and dignity as well as some extra gains of happy lipids onto my weight!

Last but not least, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the opportunity to be part of the firm. Even though it was only temporary, the experience I had was nothing short of amazing. So thank you Mr Richard for believing in me, giving me the courage to speak with confidence and act with integrity in hopes of transforming me into a reputable lawyer like him one day. Thank you Mr Yip for sharing his experience and advice on overcoming stage frights and vocal fears, I needed that. Thank you Sarah as well for being so patient with the clumsy me, I really look up to her charisma in handling difficult clients with a cheerful attitude and positive mind set! Also to Lesley, JyhLing and Luey, being able to work under their guidance has given me a glimpse on how to be a mini perfectionist which is definitely essential to a lawyer’s duty apart from striving hard and to be consistently hardworking in order to excel in the legal field. Finally, big thanks to Penny, Kak Sal and Aunty Wee for taking me in as a family, really appreciate their ever willing guidance and patience to my silly questions and mistakes. I am forever grateful and blessed with the invaluable experience I had whilst working at RWY.

By Jackie