14 June 2010

RWY in the news : SIS to apply to strike out Pemuda Masjid Suit

From the Star:-


KUALA LUMPUR: SIS Forum (Malaysia) will apply to strike out a suit filed against it by the Malaysian Assembly of Mosque Youth (Pemuda Masjid) over the usage of “Sisters In Islam” as the forum’s name and identity.

Lawyer Richard Wee, who represented SIS Forum, informed deputy registrar Suzarika Sahak during case management at the Jalan Duta court complex Thursday that the forum would file an application to strike out the suit and also file the affidavit in reply to the originating summons before the case was called for another case management on June 18.

Lawyer Ernie Sohib from Sahlan & Associates appeared for Pemuda Masjid.

On March 22, Pemuda Masjid - a non-governmental organisation with 5,000 members - filed an originating summons seeking a declaration that the valid name for the organisation under the law was not Sisters In Islam and wanted to prevent the organisation from using the name in any pamphlet, correspondence (letters), publications and/or statements on the Internet, and in the print and electronic media.

It is also seeking an order to force the respondent to remove the name from its website, printed materials and publications.

Apart from asking for costs and further relief deemed fit by the court, it wants to prevent the respondent from circulating printed materials in such a manner.

In an affidavit filed in support of the application, its executive director Mohd Taqiuddin Abdullah said a check with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) revealed that the respondent was registered under the name of SIS Forum (Malaysia) and not Sisters In Islam.

He added that the memorandum of association of the respondent did not state that the purpose of setting it up was for Muslim women but was in support of equal rights for men and women.

The use of the word Islam was controlled and limited by the Registrar of Companies and could only be used upon getting permission from the SSM and related government agencies, he added.

Mohd Taqiuddin claimed that the respondent had many times issued statements that contradicted Islamic teachings.

He contended that the actions of the respondent in using the name and identity had confused people locally and abroad.

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