15 September 2010

Alliance Law Firms

RWY is part of an Alliance of Law Firms all over Peninsular Malaysia. The firms we are allied to are:-

1. Messrs Benjamin & Co at Bukit Mertajam, Penang
2. Messrs Choong Meng Sze & Lai at Ipoh, Perak
3. Messrs Chee Hoe & Associates at Kuala Lumpur
4. Messrs Ermiey, Nizam & Ho at Melaka & Johor Bahru
5. Messrs Damian SL Yeo & LC Goh at Melaka.

The Alliance proves helpful to our clients when dealing with matters within the Country. Also the Allied firms sometimes offer other legal services which differ from RWY. In some instances, RWY also jointly work with our member Allied firms in some legal projects or matters. 

All this is part of our aim to be the Bridge for our client, to all legal solutions.

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