23 December 2011

Thank You Team RWY

RWY hosted its 2nd Annual Dinner recently. The firm, a merger of 2 firms in 2009, has grown since then.

In fact, RWY can be traced to Messrs T.S Wee & Co formed in 2003 and Messrs Yip Huen Weng & Co, formed in 2004. In 2013, RWY would have had roots dating back 10 years. 

The partners wish to thank our colleagues who put in great effort in RWY's drive to be amongst the better firm around. 2012 will be another formidable year, but the good team spirit cultivated in 2010 and 2011 will ease the hurdles before us. 

Thank You to the Team members of RWY. 

The Team of 2011. Johnson Lim was also part of the team till June 2011.

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