14 May 2013

Sports Law : Contracts

Sports Contracts in Malaysia; does that exist? That was the question posed to RWY recently. The answer of course is, yes. 

However the quality and the extent of the sports contract in Malaysia is very much a work-in-progress. 

Professional Sportspersons will face and need to deal with contracts and negotiations most times. Most Sports Contracts deals with payment for appearance, engagements & of course, for playing the very sport itself. 

However modern Sports Contracts would also depend on probability of success and for the team owners to take a chance with the sportsperson. While money is the name of the game for virtually all Sports Contracts, but the thrust of virtually all Sports Contract is the gamble of paying a particular sportsperson a certain amount of money, with the hope that this sportsperson will win the game for the team. The marketability & the popularity of that sportsperson is also taken into account. 

Its a highly pressured atmosphere and most sportsperson engage agents to sort out the contracts for them.

In Malaysia, Sports Contract; whilst existing for a while already, is fairly under-developed and sometime, not well understood. Perhaps with more exposure, future sportsperson will not only train to be better sportsperson, but also equipped with basic knowledge of Sports Contracts.

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