08 October 2014

My internship experience at RWY - Vynny Wong

Before I finished my year one, I successfully applied to RWY to work as an attachment student during my summer break. Despite the fact that some of my friends told me that an internship was a waste of time, as the firm would not appreciate your existence and, as a law student who has yet to graduate, you would not learn much throughout the internship period, I had my doubts and did not believe what was told to me. I preferred to experience it myself.

In the 3 months of my internship, I learnt to work with other senior lawyers and attachment students as a team. This ensured that everyone knew what was happening and we could easily come out with a solution through discussion. A task to do some research on the Federal Constitution was given to me and other attachment students to work on as a team. To be honest, as a Malaysian, I had never read or even wanted to know what the content of our Federal Constitution actually was. Ironically, there is a chapter known as “British Constitution” in my constitutional law year one textbook. This presented me with very good opportunity to know more about my own country which I took up wholeheartedly.

Besides that, I was also given a chance to draft a Letter of Demand and a Statement of Claim as well as to do some transcribing work and help out in conveyancing matters as well. I discovered that a letter can reflect the professionalism of an associate through the line of words found in the letter. Therefore, one needs to be very detail-oriented and ensure that there are no mistakes before issuing out any letters. In conveyancing, I learnt the important of being precise and particular, as a tiny little error would affect the whole procedure.

By doing some preparation work on a file, I had grasped some idea as to where one should start their research work. This is something I was not thought in law school. I was also trained on how to prioritize my work and how to complete the task given within the time frame given. I was also given an opportunity to attend in court and was able to observe how lawyers handle their cases and were able to speak confidently in front of the Judges. It was a fruitful experience. I was also lucky enough to join in several meetings with clients  which provided me with a good opportunity to witness how the a lawyer ought to deal with a client’s problem as well as how to approach a client and gain their trust.

I would extend my thanks to the all the guidance I had received from all the lawyers, in particular Ms. Lesley, Mr. Luey, Ms. Sarah, Mr. Lim and Ms. Jyh Ling as well as my two bosses, Mr. Richard and Mr. Yip during my three months with RWY. I apologize for any trouble I may have caused and appreciate the patience provided to me. Many thanks as well to Kak Sal, Ms. Penny and Auntie Wee for their guidance in clerical work. The experience I gained through this internship is something that I will treasure and always remember in the future. In addition, my weight had increased throughout my internship period showing that all the good food provided to me at RWY motivated me to work harder. I would like to end my passage with the quote from one of the bosses, Mr. Yip, who impressed upon me that “practice in law is not a sprint, by a marathon”. Thanks to my internship, I will definitely maintain a spirit to succeed in the legal profession and will move forward with to become a lawyer with a deeper passion of the law.

By Wong Poh Yee, Vynny

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