03 November 2015

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) for Sports in Thailand

This is an article taken from Messrs Chavalit of Bangkok. Their partner, Mr Vira Kammee shared a podium with our Richard Wee when they both spoke at the This Arbitration Centre, back in September 2015.

Taken from :-

Our Partner, Mr. Vira Kammee, was invited to deliver a talk on the topic Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) for Sports in Thailand. Vira Kammee, who has extensive knowledge and experience in arbitration within the area of sports, shared his vast experience with the attendees. Vira Kammee now sits on the Appeals Committee of the Thai Premier League (TPL); therefore he was able to share his valuable experience in the seminar.

Vira Kammee focused particularly on the importance of arbitration and the role it plays in dispute resolution; not only on saving time but also the minimisation of cost. With the current backlog of cases in the Thai courts, Alternative Dispute Respolution (ADR) - especially mediation and arbitration - are the preferred method to find solutions for problems, and it is a much faster process. Having worked extensively in this field for such a long time, Vira Kammee’s experience and knowledge was of great benefit to many of the attendees at the seminar. Vira Kammee gave the audience a good overview of the processes and practices in Thailand.

The seminar also included an open floor discussion, which lead to a good Q&A session with the audience. This session was moderated by Mr. Pasit Asawawattanaporn, THAC Managing Director; Ms. Athita Komindr, Executive Manager; and Mr. Richard Wee, Partner of Richard Wee & Yip.

This was a great way to showcase our professional expertise and our firm to the public. The seminar as a whole was a great success, and we are proud to have had our partner there representing our firm.

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