12 October 2012

Working Condition Survey by NYLC

Circular No 215/2012
Dated 4 Oct 2012

To Members of the Malaysian Bar and pupils in chambers

The National Working Conditions Survey Report and Working Conditions Forum:
The Bigger Better Deal for Everyone? (20 Oct 2012)
We refer to Circular No 225/2011 dated 5 Oct 2011 and Circular No 276/2011 dated 23 Nov 2011, wherein we had disseminated the National Young Lawyers Committee (“NYLC”)’s National Working Conditions Survey (“NWCS”). 

At the 4th Young Lawyers Convention (“Convention”), held from 1 to 3 July 2011 at Malacca, the delegates of the Convention issued the Malacca Statement which mandated the NYLC to conduct a national working conditions survey to review the working conditions of younger Members of the Bar and the remuneration schemes received by them. 

NWCS was disseminated to Members and pupils in chambers all over Malaysia over a course of three months, from October to December 2011.  The NYLC then spent a total of five months thereafter collating, collecting, extracting and preparing the data to be presented as the National Working Conditions Survey Report (“Report”).  Attached please find the Executive Summary of the Report.  Alternatively, click here to download the Executive Summary and 111-page Report.

The NYLC urges Members to read the Executive Summary together with “A Short Review on the Findings, Comparisons and Conclusions”, which can be found at page 93 of the Report highlighting the NYLC’s international and national comparative studies, tables, reports and recommendations. 

NYLC’s Findings: A Summary
From the Report, the current generation of young lawyers in Malaysia are earning the following:

Average Pupils in Chambers’ Allowance
Klang Valley : RM 1,501 to RM 2,000
Outside Klang Valley : RM    500 to RM 1,000

Average First-Year Lawyers’ Salaries
Klang Valley : RM 3,001 to RM 3,500
Outside Klang Valley : RM 2,001 to RM 2,500

The NYLC further discovered that the current generation of young lawyers leans towards the following benefits from their employers: extra technological items (including laptops, tablets and other gadgets except smartphones), dental benefits, weekend allowances, gym benefits, wardrobe allowances, medical benefits and especially for young lawyers outside the Klang Valley, parking and travelling allowances. 

Working Conditions Forum: The Bigger Better Deal for Everyone? (20 Oct 2012)
The NYLC is conducting a forum focusing on the findings of the Report, and to propose recommendations on the ideal working conditions and remuneration packages that the current generation of young lawyers is seeking for. 

The details of the forum are as follows:
Date         : 20 Oct 2012 (Saturday)
Time : 11:00 am to 2:00 pm
Venue Raja Aziz Addruse Auditorium, First Floor, Bar Council

The NYLC would like to invite all Members and pupils in chambers, including employers of law firms and in particular, younger members of the Bar to join us at the forum. 

To maximise broadcast and reach out to more Members, the forum will be streamed live at http://www.livestream.com/nationalylc or on our backup channelhttp://www.ustream.tv/channel/nylc.

Please be informed that although this event is open to the public, pre-registration is required, as places are limited.  Kindly complete and return the attached registration form by fax to 03-2031 6640, or by e-mail to ml.tan@malaysianbar.org.my, by 19 Oct 2012 (Friday).

For enquiries, kindly contact Marianna Laureen Tan, Officer, Bar Council, by telephone at 03-2050 2086 or by email at ml.tan@malaysianbar.org.my.

Thank you.

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